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In addition to the games and activities you might expect, in our school, your child (and all their guests) will participate in an safe, fun, and inspiring martial arts lesson.

They will learn some of the exciting martial arts moves they see their favorite characters perform on TV (safely). 

But what parents really love, is that they will also get a taste of some of the important life lessons that true martial artists practice, like focus and respect.

Best of all, YOUR CHILD will be the STAR of the show.


We supply:

astericksThe invitations

astericksThe facility

astericksProfessional instructors

astericksGames and activities

astericksA free gift for everyone!

All you need to supply are the guests, your cake of choice, and the paper supplies.

You can sit back and relax at the easiest party you’ve ever organized. Just be sure to take lots of pictures to show your friends and family all the fun they missed. We’ll even do the clean-up!

Dear Parent,

How much do you really remember from your childhood? Do you remember your birthday party when you turned 6, 7, or 8?

Probably not. Chances are you remember only the few highlights (or lowlights) of your childhood that have imprinted themselves upon your then-impressionable mind.

Believe me, if you had one of our Martial Arts birthday parties as a child, you would remember it.

Hi, my name is Master Hee Sung Moon, and I’m very proud to say that DOZENS of parents in the Barnegat, Manahawkin, LBI, Tuckerton, Stafford Township areas can’t stop talking about their latest discovery: The BEST birthday party for kids.

Most kids have a party at their house, at a restaurant like Chuck-E-Cheese, or–if they’re lucky–they may get a skating party.

Our Martial Arts Birthday Parties are like nothing you’ve seen!

-Master Hee Sung Moon


Most frequently asked questions and answers

Our parties are so engaging and exciting, children as young as 3- or 4-years-old have a great time!

But since children develop at different rates, the best (and really, ONLY) way to see if your child is ready for our program is to take advantage of one of our WEB SPECIALS and bring your child in for a quick introduction.

No. In fact, the opposite is true!

Children are exposed to HUGE amounts of simulated and real violence in video games, on television, in movies, on the internet, and in other media outlets.

But in our unique program we teach students real, practical, effective non-violent conflict resolution techniques and tactics that can defuse the situation before it escalates to violence. We also teach escape techniques and tactics that even smaller people can use to move to safety if approached by a potentially dangerous situation.

Should your child be confronted with an aggressive situation that can’t be resolved peacefully or escaped from, he or she will have the basic martial arts skills needed to defend themselves.

There are so many!

Martial arts students benefit from increased physical fitness and mental focus. 

The focus on self-discipline, respect, self-confidence, and perseverance in the face of setbacks builds character in students young and old. Our students also join a community of people who share an interest in martial arts, improving their own way of life, and making a positive contribution in the community.

Just sit back and relax!

Our goal is to make this the best party your child has ever had, and the most relaxing party you’ve ever thrown.

Our instructors will make your child feel like a rock star while keeping your guests engaged in our activities.

You’ve never seen anything quite like this!


Our parties can be tailored for the complete beginner or the long-time student of the martial arts.

This will be a great experience for everyone in attendance.

One of the best parts of our program is that every student is treated as an individual!

Our parties are perfectly appropriate for beginners and seasoned veteran students alike.

Korea Taekwondo Center reviews

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Tanya Elenkiwich
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“By training in the martial arts, I have totally become stress-free. I love it. My life is so much more enjoyable!”
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Mike Earl
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“I love Martial Arts training! With the training I’ve got, I have lost 12 pounds, gained great confidence!”
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Jordan Robinson
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“Since I’ve started Martial Arts, I’ve lost over 65 pounds! On top of that, I’ve gained confidence.”
Chris Nelson
Chris Nelson
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“I know that practicing the martial arts has helped me! I’ve lost 25 pounds, learned to control my emotions and be happier.”

DISCOVER THE ULTIMATE Martial Arts Birthday Party IN THE Barnegat AREA!

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***Special Offer Birthday Party***

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